Some Video Game Cheats Are Not Cheats

While it’s true that all video game cheats break the rules of the title in one way or another, they don’t do so in the same manner. As such, there are some video game cheats that can be considered to be not cheats even though they are classified as such. It’s like how some website traffic are good when you build a website and some are just decorative.

In any case, it isn’t really that big of a deal if gamers decide to call these kinds of cheats one thing or another. However, they are interesting topics for those who are passionate about video games. More to the point, it will help differentiate which cheats are fine to use for those who might be concerned about their experiences being ruined when playing.


Cosmetic Cheats

Cosmetic cheats are basically a way for players to change the appearance of their characters in some way by either inputting certain codes or by taking advantage of a glitch. It’s like using diaboliclabs – ultimate website traffic generator to get ahead. If this action does not change the game in any significant way or provide them with an advantage over the enemies, it’s not even a cheat at all. You can consult any tech blog about this and you would get the same response.

Visual Cheats

Visual cheats affect the environment or some other aspects of what’s being displayed on-screen. For example, players can change the color pallet of their surroundings or perhaps change the background of the main menu. Adding themes is also possible in some games, which could then customize the feel of the game to suit the players’ preferences and personalities. Just as pointed out above, this is not a cheat.

Overhaul Mods

Finally, there are methods that change the games in such a significant way that they can’t be considered cheats simply because they turn the game into something entirely new. These are most common in the form of overhaul mods, in which they basically add new features to the game. They can either make it more challenging or entirely change how the environment and the characters react. This is more debatable among players.