How To Build A Gaming Website

Video games are a fascinating topic to talk about, so much so that entire publishing industries have been built up around discussing them.

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How To Build A Gaming Website

The Most Famous Video Game Cheats

Managing resources is one of the things that makes video games enjoyable since the thrill of running out of ammo at a critical moment can significantly make every achievement worthwhile.

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The Most Famous Video Game Cheats

Cheating in Video Games, Why It Happens and What It Means

Video game cheats have been around practically since the early days of the industry. Among the most famous is The Konami Code that could be applied to a myriad of games, as well as God Mode in practically every major title in the 90s until the late 2000s. However, while there is now a negative connotation to the word “cheat,” discussions regarding this matter should be contextual. It’s the same with discussions about when you buy website traffic and the like.
Now, what this means is that you basically have to use the proper context when talking about video game cheats since there are a lot of sides to the discussion. For starters, even though anything that allows players to do things in the game that isn’t included in the intended gameplay mechanics is called a cheat, they didn’t start out that way.

Real Purpose of Cheats

For those who might not know, the real purpose of cheats dates all the way back to its origins in that it was meant to be a debugging tool. That is to say, developers would use pieces of code to determine if a game is working or not. More to that point, it might be disappointing to discover this, but not all of the developers working on a video game is good at that game.
As such, if they are going to check that all the mechanics and the levels are working, they’ll need a little help in order to get through some of the tougher parts of the game. It’s not unlike how website owners get cheap website traffic in order to do some tests on their domains.

Cheats That Are Not Cheats

Another reason for contextual discussion when talking about this topic is the matter of some cheats not even really being cheats. That is to say, how is it a cheat for players to change the size of a main character’s head in single-player titles? Does it really matter if gamers can change the characters they can control if there is no difference in ability and the like? These are essentially not cheats.

Bad Gaming Cheats

On that note, there are also cheats that are unconditionally bad and these would be cheats in multiplayer. Cheating in online games is especially horrible because it can affect the experience of other players who just want to enjoy the title. Whereas single-player cheats are another means of entertainment, cheating in such a way that impacts others is beyond justification.

Famous Cheats

With that out of the way, it’s time to look into some of the more famous cheats or types of cheats that became quite popular during the golden years of the trend. Starting in the early 90s to the late 2000s, cheats were all the rage. There’s the famous god mode, of course, and there are cheats that unlocked unlimited ammunition or super powerful weapons.
There are even times where cheats become an actual business. Hacking tools are being sold, even now.

Getting Famous Without Cheat

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