Cheating Rules: Cover Your Bases

Rules are made for a reason. It would protect a person from harm. Online games have full of hacks and cheats, but remember that you are doing them at your own risk. Don’t cheat if you are not ready for the consequences. Part of the consequences are being banned on the game, account deletion, and player punishment through removing your resources or you have to be back at the starting point of the game. Covering your bases is unspeakably important. It’s like when you do a crime, don’t leave evidence.


Don’t Share Cheats

If you are using cheats, you might be compelled to share with your friends or your guild. But be careful because there are other players who hate cheating. They can put you in a danger zone through a game function called, “user report”. Developers won’t need too much time to buy targeted traffic and find out that you are cheating. There are programs that analyze your pattern within seconds. So, the number one rule is don’t kiss and tell.

Home-brew Your Cheats

One of the reasons why cheats are prevalent in the gaming industry is because anyone can home-brew their cheats. Your cheats can be customized to your favor. Avoid using commonly used cheats, because the servers can easily detect their codes and flag the users. You might enjoy these commonly used codes for a time, but it won’t be long before they catch you. The next thing you know is your account has been flagged, and you got a solid red warning.

Do It Sparingly

Games are made of algorithms that calculate your behavior as a player. You’ll be surprised how they were able to keep your statistics and game performance. When you use Vodafone pay as you go top up, servers will recognize your awesomeness. It’s normal to have awesome players, but if you are not losing any quest, that’s quite suspicious. Do it sparingly and enjoy the game as it is. When you use cheats all throughout, you are increasing your risk of getting caught.