The Most Famous Video Game Cheats

Video game cheats have been around for decades and as a trend that has had such a long history, it’s only natural that there would be one or two notable cheats to come out of the crowd. However, rather than specific cheats, there are classifications of cheats that have risen above the rest. These are like the services that you buy website traffic from that offer the best results.

In any case, discussing which video game cheats are the most well-known can be an interesting point of conversation and can be of use to enthusiasts by widening their knowledge if they don’t already know about them. Of course, there are quite a few of these cheats, to begin with, so looking through only the most famous will have to do for now.


God Mode

In most video games, one of the central goals is to not die while trying to clear a level or kill an enemy. This is what makes the game fun since players can truly test their skills against real stakes. However, once a game has been cleared more than once, it becomes repetitive and boring. By activating god mode, players can become invincible and simply mow down foes without a care in the world.

Infinite Ammo

Managing resources is one of the things that makes video games enjoyable since the thrill of running out of ammo at a critical moment can significantly make every achievement worthwhile. On that note, just as god mode can breathe new life into a title after repeatedly clearing it, so can infinite ammo do the same. It’s like getting cheap website traffic just to make running a website just a little bit easier than it otherwise would have been.

Big Head

Finally, there’s big head, which games like NBA Jam made famous. This cheat is exactly what it sounds like, in that it makes the heads of players extra-large. How large depends on the game, but regardless of the size, the effect is almost always hilarious. Just imagine what it would be like to face enemies with such a giant head.