Video Game Cheats Gone Bad

Video game cheats can inject new life into video games that have already been finished, which would then extend their value to the players. However, just as there are good cheating habits, there are also some undoubtedly bad ones. The clearest example are those who use hacking tools in competitive online multiplayer games. It’s like when you buy traffic for website projects but for the purposes of hurting other websites.
Discussing which cheats are actually bad can be a pointless endeavour since gamers can have different ideas on which are good and which are not. However, even with the many disagreements on the various points of which cheats are acceptable, there are at least some consensus on a few examples that are undoubtedly considered as harmful to the community.


Hacking Tools

The most obvious type of cheat that absolutely everyone should abhor are the hacking tools that are being used right be cheaters in online games. Whether it’s in MOBA games, Battle Royale titles, or whatever else, as long as the competitor is a human, cheating against them should not be allowed. Just as website visitors should be beneficial for everyone, so should the video game practices being implemented.


After hacking tools, there are the various exploits and bugs that really make legitimate gamers’ blood boil. It’s incredibly annoying to see other players take advantage of flaws in the code in order to produce results that absolutely mess with the game’s balance. These can come in the form of increased abilities or making them invincible. Such exploits are absolutely disgusting and any player using them should be rightly banned.

Pay To Win

Finally, we get to the kind of cheat that is currently dividing the community. On the one hand, there are those who believe that as long as the system allows it, being able to pay for advantages in a game is not considered cheating. However, there are also those who argue that gaining an edge over other players through money is every bit as bad as cheating using hacking tools. It can be worse since it can be abused more openly.

Some people think that cheating is wrong so using some cheat sheets in games will not make you a good gamer. However, so long as you balance the benefits and your experience, it will not affect your gaming life and experience negatively just like those other gamers.

In the real world, some people might think that when you buy traffic to website, you are also cheating but remember that it could be your way out to achieve the goals that you want. In this way, you can focus more on the actual experience and process rather than the complexities of required set-ups.